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Free Training on Windows 7 phone

Microsoft is offering free training on Windows 7 phone. The training will include 4 sessions over 2 days of online training.
The dates for these course sessions are:
•July 20 – 8am (PST): Session One: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Phone and Silverlight
•July 20 – 1pm (PST): Session Two: Programming Game Applications with XNA
•July 22 – 8am (PST): Session Three: Programming Applications with Silverlight
•July 22 – 1pm (PST): Session Four: Review and Wrap Up
For the full story and registration click here.
Also get the free training kit here (released on the 13/07/2010) and the beta development tools can be found here.
Added 20/07/2010 - Also another interesting link on Wondoes Mobile 7 phone is the free ebook from Charles Petzoid.Download ebook here


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