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Incredible Hulk

I went to see the Incredible hulk last saturday and it was awesome. I think it was even much better then the first one. The story was fabulous and I really liked the Abomination. The special effects was was very good. There is a surprise at the end of the movie, I cannot say any more - Go and watch it. The only downside was that in Mauritius we do not get American and British movies in V.O, it was dubbed in French. I hope to catch the DVD to get the real deal.
PS. Here are 10 very valid reasons to watch the movie

Marvel movie : Avenger next?

What is next for Marvel movies? People who know me know that I am a really big comic fan. I like both DC and Marvel comic, I would never be able to choose between Superman and Spiderman. In recently years there has been a quite a few Marvel movies have appeared on the big screen - The X-Men, Spiderman, Ironman and just recently Hulk, and I was wondering if this could be a build up maybe for an Avenger movie. It would be super if this was in the the making.
Avengers Assemble.

Microsoft Second Shot Offer is back

Microsoft has introduced their Second Shot Offer again. Using this offer people who are interested in doing certification get a second chance to that the exam if it does not go well the first time round. More details on this offer can be found on this page ( .
It is thanks to this offer that I started doing my Microsoft certifications back in 2006 because in Mauritius exams are quite expensive (about $125/MUR3,500) and I would never have had the courage to spend so much money on exams if I didn't ave the second shot as a back up.
There are also 2 other offers concerning exams for SQL2008 and Visual Studio 2008 on the page. These 2 offers give you a 40% off voucher on any one of the new certification exams on SQL2008 and VS2008.

Microsoft Certification at 40% off

Hello Guys;
I have some interesting news about Microsoft Certification. The prices of the exams that are going to be retired on March 2009 are going to be lowered by 40% and also vouchers will be provided to Microsoft Professionals who would be interested in upgrading their credentials to the new certifications. More details will be available shortly. The lower prices is supposed to come into effect by the 1st of September 2008.
I will post more on this when I get more information.