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After the World Cup, Scrum Alliance Gathering goes to South Africa

Yes, after having hosted the world cup now South Afica will host the Scrum Alliance Gathering for 2010. For more up to date info follow : South Africa Scrum Gathering Blog@sgsouthafrica on TwitterScrum Alliance Facebook pageThe will also be a CSM on the 30th and 31st of August (For more in click here).

Free Training on Windows 7 phone

Microsoft is offering free training on Windows 7 phone. The training will include 4 sessions over 2 days of online training. The dates for these course sessions are: •July 20 – 8am (PST): Session One: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Phone and Silverlight •July 20 – 1pm (PST): Session Two: Programming Game Applications with XNA •July 22 – 8am (PST): Session Three: Programming Applications with Silverlight •July 22 – 1pm (PST): Session Four: Review and Wrap Up For the full story and registration click here. Also get the free training kit here (released on the 13/07/2010) and the beta development tools can be found here. Regards Shivam
Added 20/07/2010 - Also another interesting link on Wondoes Mobile 7 phone is the free ebook from Charles Petzoid.Download ebook here

Virtual Human

Just read the article on BBC New with the video below on BBC News. This is the showcase of the new Kinetic - hands free controller from Microsoft. Have a look at the video below. It is amazing to have this much interaction with a game character. It can recognise people using face and of course there is gesture recognition also so it can interact with the user.
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