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Showing posts from September, 2008

Google Chrome and hotmail

I have been testing Chrome for the few days and I must say that the performance is much better then Firefox. I have tested it with the websites I use most often and until now I have got problems with only one site - the mcp member site. Also when I connect to hotmail, I get the browser upgrade page( I have added a screen shot below). I remember this page because in the very beginning I used to get it with Firefox too and now Firefox has made it into the list of browsers to upgrade to.

Welcome to Chrome

A new browser is born. Google is going to release their new browser.Chrome has a load of new features such as each tab in the bowser having it's own process, a javascript engine and loads more. Check out the release comic. I cannot wait to install it and try it out. I will post some more on it after I give it a trial run.

Feels like I have been completely cut off from the world

It feels strange. I have been doing a lot of exam( mostly microsoft beta exams) in the last 10 weeks and I have been so busy with my learning schedule that I have barely had time to check on Google Reader where I keep all the interesting blogs that I like to read. I was surprise to see that I had about 669 unread post.
It is going to take me some time to read all these. I have alot of catching up to do.....