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Feels like I have been completely cut off from the world

It feels strange. I have been doing a lot of exam( mostly microsoft beta exams) in the last 10 weeks and I have been so busy with my learning schedule that I have barely had time to check on Google Reader where I keep all the interesting blogs that I like to read. I was surprise to see that I had about 669 unread post.
It is going to take me some time to read all these. I have alot of catching up to do.....


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Happy 10th birthday to Azure

Today is the 10th year anniversary of Azure. Azure was launched during Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October 2008. Why not celebrate #Azure today by sharing stories of how #Azure is being used today to provide solutions impossible 10 years ago. I have using Azure since 2016. I sent a proposal to the Azure4Research program on an Air Quality project I was working on at that time in Mauritius and within 4 weeks our proposal was accepted. The project involved creating low cost air quality monitoring station using Raspberry Pi and Arduino to monitor the quality of air. The grant from Azure4Research was worth USD 20,000 and allowed us to use Azure for 12 months. It was a great learning experience to get to use Azure in our research. All the data captured was being sent to Azure and stored on an SQL database. The data was processed using PowerBI to create dashboards to enable us to monitor the data captured. The research is being published this year at a conference being held