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Today 24th of November

The 24th of November is a special date for me. It was the day  I fell in love. True it might not ave been my first love but it was love at first sight. On the day in 2003 I fell in love with C#. On this day in 2003, I met a group of people and a company that have changed my life. My first was java but when I returned from university 2002 with high hope of working in java but I discovered a the working world and loads of people think too highly of them selves. I had discovered the snobish work of IT and their highly formatted coporations with their highly formatted individuals looking for people to fit in molds.  So I decided to turn to my other first love (strange how that happens somethimes) Linux and Unix and stay out of the formatted companies. I worked on Linux for sometime and experimented with a lot of open source stuff like Asterisk and a few others but my true calling was still programming. And it is on the 24th of November 2003 that I got my chance in going into programming and I discovered C#. I got my first chance at doing the things I love best in a company that is no more but still very present in my mind and heart... Eisos(Indian Ocean) Ltd and met a group of people that changed me a lot for better and worst.  I met a group of people of dedicated professionals who made me learn a lot of new and interesting things. We learned to work and play together .  I got to makes some friends namely Fuji Kusaka, Kristine Domingue, Cuan Brown, Rowan Jugernauth , Berty Tonta and Lovena Modelly to name just a few. We did go a lot into "harms way" and did a lot of very interesting work.
In retrospective, the 24th of November 2003 was a turning point for me both professionally and personally. It has a big hand in what I am today. And this is also why the 24th of November is the time for me to look at "24th Novembers" that have past and decide how I want to shape the "24th Novembers" to come.


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